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Automated measurement data of our SiC based LLC converter

So this is interesting - we have first analysis now from the automated measurement data of our SiC based LLC converter. We will be putting this data and much more into a video shortly to show how automated test using Labview and CANBUS control of the converter allows for a great deal of accurate test data to be captured, in this case about 2500 datapoints.

Below we show the efficiency map of the LLC converter (400V/8A/2kW) over all operating conditions with a 600Vdc input. The operating frequency limits of 100kHz to 255kHz limit the output voltage to around 240V to 400V. From the plot it is easy to see where the points of highest efficiency occur. This data can be directly fed back into the design methodology to allow optimisation of the operating window for different applications.

Keep an eye out for our video coming soon!

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