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Independent testing from the experts

Our background in advanced design and an onsite well-equipped lab have positioned us perfectly to offer testing and review services to our customers. In this case, customers typically use us to independently check over and stress test their in-house designs and catch any issues before market release.

Design Testing & Review

Avoid the cost of maintaining your own specialist test facility and get results fast

Working with ElectronicMinds means that you can...

Free up the bandwidth of your own engineering team to focus on where they add the most value

Receive an unbiased report and opinion of your design performance

Our power lab includes high end test equipment to allow us to fully quantify your system performance
Our test service is completely independent
Our team has decades of experience in performing many different measurements on power electronic systems

Reliability of your systems

Are you interested in increasing the reliability of your electronic systems? If so, check out our latest video which covers to basic principles of reliability modelling.

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