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Soldering circuit board

Our team of experts are here to support your business

This is what we just love to do. We can work independently or in partnership with your own engineering teams to develop sub-systems, systems or products. Whether you need a quick technology demonstrator or market ready product, we have the skills and experience to deliver.

Custom Power System Design

Get your product to market faster with confidence in robust performance without the overhead of your own inhouse power engineering capability

Working with ElectronicMinds means that you can...

De-risk hardware development early in the design cycle and perform tests which may otherwise get overlooked (e.g. closed loop stability, pre-compliance conducted EMI, operation at temperature extremes and surge)

Work with a partner that stays at the cutting edge of design and has clear knowledge of new technology developments

Our expert team has decades of experience in designing ground up systems for many end markets.
We have a very well equipped in house power electronics test lab
We maintain a wide network of contacts in academia, industry and at key suppliers

Rapid prototyping

We use rapid prototyping where possible to de-risk hardware development as early as possible in the design cycle. This allows us to quickly provide example operating hardware for client assessment, give early accurate data on performance levels and de-risk the full form/fit custom design stage.

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